2024 Optimist European Championship

Introduction of Sailors: Team Hungary.

The presentation is in the words of the sailors:

-Csanád Török (HUN1634):

“I like being in the boat because I really enjoy the fact that I can handle difficult situations in the races.” 

-Abigél Németh (HUN 1662):

“I am very motivated by the competition and the chance to experience wind conditions in new places, especially sailing in high winds.”

-Hunor Szegedi (HUN 1661):

” When I get in my boat, I forget everything around me and just focus on sailing. Racing is always a great experience, you can learn the most and improve on your mistakes.”

-Tamara Dávoti (HUN 1652):

“Sailing really gives me the feeling of freedom. What I like about racing is that every race is a different challenge, good results always motivate me and I can gain a lot of experience.”

-András Márton (HUN 1654):

“I love sailing because it’s challenging and I have to fight the elements with all my physical and mental strength and sometimes you have to take risks, which can help you in other areas of life.”

-Nadin Verebély (HUN 1653):

“I love sailing because when I get in the boat, I have to make difficult decisions on my own in an important tactical situation.”

-Mátyás Vágó (HUN 1655):

“ I like to be an Optimist sailor because every day is different, one day the wind is small, the next day it’s bigger and you always have to make the best decisions, which is why I like to race.”